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Play Date #11 The Stockings Were Hung

October 6, 2014

by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicolas soon would be there.

Family Stockings

Family Stockings

“Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without.” is a quote I grew-up with in the 50’s. Being the fourth born of five children, I knew what hand-me-downs, cleaning your plate, share with your brother, etc. meant. Therefore, it’s easy to realize the origin of my game of using every little scrap of fabric, taking what someone else has discarded, and making it into something desirable. For Play Date #11, come along with me to make a one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking.

To create a stocking foundation on which to embellish, you can do one of three things:

  • Cut a stocking from an old damaged quilt. You may need to piece sections together to get a piece large enough for your stocking size.
  • Use a quilt top and add batting to the wrong side of the top before embellishing it.
  • Piece fabric scraps onto batting that has been cut into a stocking shape.

The stocking I’m showing you here was made from pieces of a vintage quilt. The ten stockings pictured below were made from the same quilt.

Multiple Stockings from Same Quilt

Stockings from One Quilt

Santa won’t be able to resist filling these vintage-looking stockings. They are fun to make in different sizes and shapes and easier than they look. A unique construction method makes them a cinch to line, sew and turn.

Finished Stocking Measures 7" Across top and 17" tall.

Finished Stocking Measures 7″ across top and 17″ tall.


  • Backing and lining for stocking, 1/2 yard for a stocking approximately 8″ X 18″, much less for small or tiny stockings
  • Assorted small pieces of trim, lace and ribbon
  • Jingle bells and other Christmas trinkets
  • Photo transfer and quote transferred to fabric
  • Vintage quilt or quilt pieces
  • Stocking pattern of choice

Instructions for Stocking front

  1. Piece together vintage quilt scraps or use a piece from a damaged quilt. My sister gave me these scraps she had left-over from one of her projects.
    Scraps from a Vintage Quilt

    Scraps from a Vintage Quilt

    I pieced them together and ironed the piece flat.

    Scraps Pieced and Ironed

    Scraps Pieced and Ironed

  2. Cut stocking pattern from quilt piece.
    Cut Stocking

    Cut Stocking

    There are stocking  patterns to be found on the internet. Or, you may have one in your pattern collection. You could use my pattern pictured here. It is possible to use a copy machine to enlarge or reduce the size of your pattern to get an assortment of sizes.

    Stocking Patterns

    Stocking Patterns in Various Sizes

  3. Embellish seam lines with lace, ribbons, and trims. Sew trims in place by machine whenever possible. Some will require stitching along both edges and others through the center only. If there is a row of visible stitching in the trim design, try to stitch on top of it with matching thread for the most invisible application.

    Embellish Stocking

    Embellish Stocking

  4. Embellish the stocking to your heart’s content.

    More Embellishing

    More Embellishing

Magic Lining

  1. Cut 2 pieces of lining fabric, right sides together, the same shape as the pieced stocking, but 1″ longer at the opening edge. Choose this fabric carefully as it will show at the top edge on the outside of the finished stocking.
  2. Place the finished stocking front face down on top of the backing fabric (the back side of the stocking) and cut the backing piece.

    Cut 2 Lining and 1 Backing Fabric

    Cut 2 Lining and 1 Backing Fabric

  3. Layer the 4 pieces in the following order and pin together:
  • Patchwork stocking, right side up.
  • Backing, face down on right side of stocking
  • Two lining pieces right sides together on top of backing.

4. The two lining pieces will extend above the stocking. Stitch 3/8″ from the raw edges through all layers, leaving the top edge unstitched.

Layers together

Stitch 4 Layers Together

Clip the curves to the stitches being careful not to cut the stitches.

5. Turn the backing piece over the stocking so the backing is on the outside and lining is inside. Use a long, blunt tipped tool to push out the edges for a smooth, rounded finish.

6. Turn the lining down over the top edge of the stocking and turn under at the raw edge. Tuck decorative piping, lace or ribbon under the turned edge, if desired.

Turn Lining to Front

Lining over top

Edge stitch along the fold through all layers using a decorative stitch, if desired. A free-arm sewing machine makes easy work of this on the larger stocking. The smaller stocking you will need to stitch by hand. Press carefully.

7. Attach 4″ to 6″ long piece of trim or ribbon to the top corner edge for hanging. Hot glue or stitch any additional embellishments to the stocking front until you are pleased. Isn’t it darling?

These stockings are so much fun to make! Once you’ve made some for yourself, you’ll want to make them for everyone on your gift list this year. The tiny ones are precious on packages and the medium size ones make great hostess gifts. I’ve used them as place cards for dinner parties with the guests’ names peeking out of the stocking. Your guests will be so delighted when you tell them to take their stockings home.

Tiny Stocking

Tiny Stocking

2" Across Top and 5" Tall

2″ Across Top and 5″ Tall


Great on a Gift Package


Check-out my etsy site for more ideas. Go to

Merry Christmas everyone from the Christmas Angel. Love, Judy



Open for Business

July 21, 2013

It’s been many months since I have put any items in my etsy shop until this last week. Recently, I’ve had a burning desire to get back in my studio and cut, paste, stitch, paint and design again.  I love all my toys and treats for creating which I’ve collected over many years. Here’s my sewing studio today in disarray, but I have a lot going on in there right now. I have so many ideas and so many supplies, but I just need more time. Does that sound familiar?

Studio in Disarray

Studio in Disarray

Besides feeling the love to create, I need to be prepared to be a vendor at our church’s 19th annual “Country Affair.” I will be sharing a booth with Joan Hill, another quilter/sewist and also fellow Stephen Minister. Our Fall Festival is on Saturday, November 9, 2013 from 10-4. It includes 90 craft vendors, outdoor games and rides for children, a food court, clowns, entertainment, Hattie’s Home Baked Goods, a Silent Auction and a lovely Tea Room. If you live in the Houston area come to First United Methodist Church of Missouri City at 3900 Lexington Blvd. There will be something  for the whole family.

So,  back to my etsy shop.  The kinds of things I like to make will usually fit ten categories.  I’m trying to put something in each one.   Take a look.  There may be something you like for yourself or a loved one. Everything I make has been created with love and joy.

In the Holiday category, I completed several boot stockings from repurposed jeans for the cowboy or cowgirl in you. I love making stockings from vintage quilts and dyed chenille bedspreads, too. Christmas happens to be my most favorite holiday all year long, and I love to decorate everywhere in anticipation of celebrating with family and friends this joyous season.

Repurposed Jeans Boot Stocking

Repurposed Jeans Boot Stocking

In the Pillow category, I have made several patchwork pillows from old and new fabrics, ribbons and laces. Each has a removable posy that you can wear. The pillows can also be used to pin on more jewelry for added embellishment and for ease of finding when you are ready to wear it.

Vintage Quilt Hearts and Flowers

Vintage Quilt Hearts and Flowers

Check out the Necklace Eyeglass Holder I made from a vintage Crazy Quilt Piece and old costume jewelry piece. You’ll find it in the Jewelry category. You might have caught a theme here in what I use to create. Yes, I do love to recycle when I design something. I grew-up with a quote from my mom that goes like this. “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without”. We pretty much lived that way with 5 kids in the household.

Vintage Eyeglass Holder Necklace

Vintage Eyeglass Necklace

For years, I have collected wooden boxes and have tried my hand at making assemblages/collages with them. It’s exciting combining my love of quotes, old photographs, and vintage lace to create little stories in these boxes. This one started with the photograph of the three young ladies in their white dresses standing before the dapper guy in the corner. There’s another guy looking on behind the ladies. I can only imagine the ladies sitting at their vanities preparing for this evening of suitors.

Country Chic Collage

Country Chic Collage

Now here’s a blast from the past…a pattern I designed many years ago that was also in my book “More Jazz from Judy Murrah.” My seven books in the “Jacket Jazz” series are out of print, but I do have a handful of the Tabard patterns, but none of the others. Amazon. com has many of my books and patterns for reasonable prices, if you are interested. Just Google my name once you go to Amazon.

With Modern Quilting all the rage, I have had several people ask me to get back to designing wearables for them. This would never work because I am not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination. However, I think this pattern would be a great foundation for building a wearable for the Modern Quilter. It has only shoulder seams and is three flat pieces on which to sew your patchwork or just strips of fabric. The pattern has cutting lines from size 6 to 24 and easy to fit because it ties at the sides. In the book, the pattern is made from coordinated patchwork pieces. It does not have to be a Christmas design.

Tabard/Tunic Pattern

Tabard/Tunic Pattern

Also in the Pattern and Supply category, I will periodically put together design boxes or, as in my recent inventory addition,  Craft Supplies Bonanza Boxes. I could never live long enough to use all the buttons, beads, fabric, ribbons, laces, books, vintage pieces, patterns, etc. that I have collected over the years. So periodically I will put coordinated Design Boxes together as well as larger Hodge Podge Boxes of whatever’s on my work table that I can part with when I’m clearing off for the next project.

Craft Supplies Bonanza

Craft Supplies Bonanza

I love making Collage Greeting cards.  I have made hundreds.  I’ll get some of those back in my shop soon. Periodically I will make  quilted and bound collage cards  which I call “Love Notes.”  These were  featured with instructions in one of my last published books, “In the Studio with Judy Murrah.”

Thank You Love Note Quilt

Thank You Love Note

So shortly it’s back into my Studio again for the rest of this evening, because tomorrow it’s back to the Quilts, Inc.. office. Last week we had our 5, 8, and 10-year-old grandchildren here for a few days, and I helped the girls create their own designs when we weren’t at the pool, movies, or out to lunch. Sydney designed a little tote just her size with gigantic artificial flowers glued to one side. Lindsey worked with a packet of Riley Blake squares to design a quilt on which she plans to machine applique on her next visit. Until you and I visit again, keep having a great summer.  Bye for now.

Sydney, Lindsey, Ashton

Sydney, Lindsey, Ashton

Love and hugs, Judy

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