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Play Date #6 Spool Pin Cushion

June 29, 2013

Seems like it’s time for another Play Date! We haven’t created anything together for quite some time. How about making something useful from supplies you most likely have in your sewing room? This is a simple project and the result could be given as a little gift to a friend or make several for multiple friends. This Spool Pin Cushion could even be a holder for a place card at a luncheon for your guests to take home with them. Just pin their name into the pincushion.

Spool Pincushion

Spool Pin Cushion

I have a passion for vintage lace, linens, and ephemera, so anytime I can use even little pieces of it, I am happy. Has anyone asked you what is your passion? I like to ask that question of family, friends, and new acquaintances. Most often it leads to an enlightening conversation. My passion is working with my hands to create something that makes my heart sing. Since I was a little girl I have created with needle, thread, and fabric, paper, scissors, and glue, Crayola, paint, and brushes. I was fortunate that my mother allowed me to sew on her Singer sewing machine when I was 6 years old, and my two older sisters allowed me to have a crafting spot in the corner of our large shared bedroom.  My messes were always stacked high.

Recently, I was with long time friend, Trix Buhlmann-Epple from Berne, Switzerland. She is in the process of clearing out a family home and brought me a bag of vintage laces. What a treat to look at the treasures piece by piece. This inspired me to create something with lace, and I thought about the Spool Pin Cushion I had seen amidst other things in a blog I like to follow. If you like crafts made with lace, check out Shabby Chic Inspired. There are not tutorials on the projects, but much inspiration and eye candy.

Vintage Lace Treasure

Vintage Lace Treasure from my friend, Trix

So let’s start.

The materials you will need are simple.

21″ of flat vintage lace about 3/4″ wide

1/2 yd. of 1/2″ wide ribbon

5″ diameter of  muslin or linen to fill

5″ diameter of vintage linen for outside of pin cushion

4″ diameter of light weight batting

Lace applique piece for top

Crushed walnut shells or other pin cushion filler

Vintage button  (I used one 1/2″ in diameter)

Whitewashed wooden thread spool 1  1/2″ diameter and 2″ tall

Materials Needed

Materials Needed

The instructions are easy.

1. Machine stitch lace on right side of raw edge of outside linen circle. Stitch applique piece on top of circle.

2. Gather muslin circle with double strand thread.

3. Fill with walnut shells or your choice of filler. Pull thread tightly. Back stitch about three times to close.

Circle Preparation

Circle Preparation

4. Use hot glue or your glue of choice to adhere filled circle to top of spool.

Glue to Spool

Glue to spool

5. Glue batting circle to top of filled circle.

Batting Circle to Top

Batting Circle to Top

6. Sew button to top of lace applique on circle. Using double strand heavy thread gather-up lace edged circle. Make stitches just above the top of lace. Put gathered circle on top of filled circle like a little cap. Draw up thread tightly. Back stitch several times to secure.

7. Tie ribbon with a bow. Isn’t this the prissiest pin cushion you’ve seen?

Add your new little pin cushion to a special place or give to a special friend.


Pin Cushion Friends

Hope you enjoyed this little Play Date. I would love to hear from you and pictures would be great too. Stay inside and keep cool if you live in Texas temperatures like me. Until we meet again, dear friends, I hope your days are filled with your passion.


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