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Fleeting February

February 28, 2017

How can this be the last day of February? Yes, it’s a short month, but so much of significance happened during this month. It has been a roller coaster ride with happy times, disappointing times and times of serious decisions.

At the beginning of the month, I spent a few days making 20 various Valentines for my etsy shop. Spending time in my studio is one of my happy places. It was invigorating to sell more than half of those hearts. Thank you to those who purchased my creations of love.


Created 20 Hearts

Decorating our house for the different seasons brings lots of joy to me and to those who enter our home.


Our Kitchen Table


Vintage Valentines

Round Robin

Round Robin Heart

The incentive for decorating for February was hosting a sit-down dinner party for 32 Sunday school class members. We provided the house, and the kind members provided the pot luck dinner. Then they cleaned-up everything before they went home. The class members are so caring and supportive of the health issues I have been facing. They are a meaningful part of our lives.


Loving Class Members


Sunday School Party at Our Home

Another happy time is spending time with our children and their children. Tyler Murrah made the Varsity baseball team for Jesuit in Dallas. We joined his family this past weekend in Austin for a round-robin. Madison came from College Station with her precious boyfriend, Jack. It’s the first time we met him. So much fun to be with all of them for a couple of days.


Murrah Family

Back in Houston we support the Huebner kids in their selected sports. Sydney’s competitive cheer team won National Champions in Dallas this past weekend. Her bigger sister, Lindsey, is playing tennis and softball. Here we are supporting Ashton at his basketball game.


With Sydney and Lindsey at Ashton’s Basketball Game

My husband spends much time with Ashton and Lindsey at their practices. He coached our boys when they were in school.


Granddaddy Still Loves to Coach

Our 21 month old grandson in California loves playing sports, too. His daddy is his coach unless he’s with us. Then his bigger cousins love to teach him how to play anything that includes a ball. He thinks he’s a big boy, too.

Our Three Grandsons

Our Three Grandsons

So you ask what are the disappointments and big decisions.

Today was the last day for Shannon McGaw at Quilts, Inc. She has taken on a dream job for her as manager of a new quilt shop to open in April. I came to depend on her for many aspects in the Education Department and innovative ideas for the company. I will miss her every day, but wish her well. Thank goodness we still have Barbara, Jill and Marcia to carry-on.


Shannon McGaw (in white shirt) Moves On


And yesterday was a huge decision-making day. I was released from my oncologist, Dr. Guillermo Garcia-Manero, at MD Anderson Hospital. For two years he has tried to get me into remission. At one time I lived without any transfusions for seven months. That hasn’t been the case for over a year now. So all that is left for me is to try stem cell transplant.

I will be moving to Methodist Hospital because my insurance will not pay for stem cell transplant at MD Anderson. Next week I will go through two days of heart, lung and viral testing to determine if I am well enough to go through with a stem cell transplant. So our prayer is that I will pass these tests so I can move forward.

It was hard to tell Dr. Garcia-Manero goodbye. He has been a hard-working, intelligent, and caring presence in our lives. Our daughter-in-law, Julie, Tommy, me, Holly, and Kelly Yeger, my PA, have been present at so many of my MDA visits. They have been such a great support system. I can’t thank them enough.


Dr. Garcia-Manero in center

And thanks go to you, my friends, for all your love, support, interest and prayers. I’ll keep you posted. Much love to you all, Judy




Pinterest Inspiration

January 28, 2017

I spend way too much time looking at Pinterest suggestions or “inspiration for the week” that shows up in my mailbox. No way can I delete them without taking a peek. The boards I most often pin to are photographs, vintage lace, quilt ideas, and hearts.

When I decided to make Valentines/hearts again to put in my etsy shop I  looked at all the hearts I had pinned to my Pinterest heart board. I made copies of 20 of them for inspiration for making hearts. I used 14 of the ideas. There were no instructions, just pictures. It was so easy to go my own direction with someone else’s idea. My apologies for not recognizing the designer of the hearts I used for inspiration. Rarely can you find credit for things posted on Pinterest. However, I thank you for your creativity.

I had so much fun this last week making the Valentines. It was like I was an artist in residence in my own home studio. My studio was a wreck, but I was so happy and content. There weren’t enough hours in each day. Even the two days I spent at MD Anderson I still came home and worked into the wee hours on another design or two.

Cutting Table

My Cutting Table

I have made stuffed hanging hearts for so many years. I posted some on my blog with a tutorial on how to make them five years ago. If you are interested, check-out my blog post on February 12, 2012, Play Date #2.


Hanging Hearts

I’ve also made collage Valentine cards for several years.

Assortment of Valentines

Collage Valentine Cards

The tutorial for those is Play Date #1. I’ve refined the process for making them over the last five years, but I think this post will get you going.

Looking at the heart pins from Pinterest and executing from the pictures was great fun. Below is a photo of each of the hearts I made on the left and the inspiration on the right. If you want to see more details of each of the hearts, go to my etsy shop.

My version is on the left. I had a painted canvas on which I attached my design.  The inspiration on the right.

I made a little wall quilt on the left from the inspiration on the right.

On the left I am back to making a hanging heart using the inspiration on the right.

The inspiration on the right of a hanging heart was different. Using a solid piece of fabric with just a little embellishment was a departure for me.

Using a cabinet card to make a greeting card was new to me. Following the inspiration on the far right, I made two cards using cards from my collection of original cabinet cards.

The inspiration on the right appeared to use wool felt for the foundation. I tried this and added a little stuffing to the fabric heart stitched on top. It was a different process for me.

My rendition of another wool felt flat heart from inspiration on the right.

So those are the 14 Valentines I made this week. If they have sold from my etsy shop, you can still view them under sold items. If you are a Pinterest pinner, I hope you will take the opportunity to use some of those pins for inspiration. I highly recommend it.

You inquire about my health.

There’s not much different to report about my journey with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). We now call it a roller coaster ride. We thought the 27 day stay in the hospital treatment was beginning to kick-in. However, one week we are up about my blood analysis count and the next we are down again. One week I need only a platelets transfusion and the next I need platelets and blood. We still go to MD Anderson twice each week. I still can’t travel too far between visits.

I had a second consultation with the stem cell transplant doctor at Methodist Hospital last week. He repeated all the statistics of someone my age trying a stem cell transplant and the possible year long recovery protocol. The fact that I wouldn’t be able to be around children under the age of 8 really makes me hesitate. We have a 19 month old grandson and another grandbaby due April 2. Being a grammy is at the top of my list of what makes me the happiest. I still believe God has a different plan for me than trying a stem cell transplant and I still have faith in my oncologist, Dr. Garcia-Manero.

Through all this I feel good. I can still go to church, to the office once a week, participate in the lives of our children and their families, and work in my studio. My husband is always with me for hospital visits and our three children are caring and supportive. I am happy.

May you be happy too, my dear friends. Love and Happy Valentine’s Day,  Judy


Two of my Valentines. They make me happy.

Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 21 Grammy’s Sugar Cookies

January 26, 2016

Hello Friends,

I know it isn’t Saturday, and I know I am two weeks behind in my blog posts to you. I’ve thought of you, though. My every free moment at home has been at our kitchen table going through many interesting teaching proposals for our 2016 International Fall Quilt Festival.


Teacher Selection Files for Scheduling

I’m happy to report I completed the class and curriculum selection at midnight Sunday. The four crates went with me to the office yesterday. Our Education staff is busy now getting everything in order to send out teaching contracts. Those of you who eagerly await the class catalog will be happy to know you will have well over 100 qualified teachers with over 400 special events, classes, lectures, and luncheons from which to make your selections. I’m excited now with the line-up, and it’s still 9 months away. That’s like waiting for a baby to be born once you know it’s going to happen.


On the Way to the Office

February is soon approaching. What better recipe to offer you this week than my tried and true sugar cookies. I make these sugar cookies at least every Valentine’s Day and Christmas season. Last fall, I added another occasion and that was our whole family tail gate party before the first Texas A & M football game. Todd’s family thought Grammy should make “Gig ’em” Aggie cookies for this momentous get-together. Of course I did.


Madison Murrah Freshman at A & M

This recipe is my most requested recipe from friends. I got the recipe with some Tupperware cookie cutters when Tommy was a Lieutenant in the Army. We were stationed in Joliet, Illinois, at the Army Ammunition Plant during the Viet Nam War. Lucky us, he stayed at APSA for his whole tour of duty.

You’ll find this same recipe in one of my early posts. I thought about referring you to it, but decided to be consistent with the page numbers for those of you who are keeping count.

Grammy’s Sugar Cookies

cookies ready for tea

Please come for tea.

Ingredients and Instructions

Cream together:    

1 cup butter

2 cups sugar

Blend in:

2 whole eggs

Sift together and add to mixture:

1 tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking powder

4 cups flour

Add to mixture:

1 tablespoon vanilla

After mixing, do not refrigerate. Divide into 3-4 balls. Roll one ball at a time. Use left-over dough from each rolling all together for last ball and roll.

Dough part

Turn Dough on Floured Cloth

Roll out dough 1/8″ thick on floured pastry cloth using a floured sock on rolling-pin. Cut with cookie cutters. Place on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Some fans will request baking cookies until they are barely browned. Others want theirs crispy, and some others like them slightly burned. Go figure? Cool on waxed paper.

bake and cool on waxed paper

Crispy or Barely Browned

With teacher selection complete, I have earned some time in my studio. It’s all set for making collage greeting cards and design packets for a Texas Quilt Museum order. Oh, be still my heart.


My Studio with Work in Progress

Love you all, Judy



Valentine Vignettes and Cookies

January 30, 2012

Last night, I finished the arduous task of Fall Quilt Festival faculty and curriculum selection. The file boxes are parked by the back door waiting for my husband to load them in my car to take to the Quilts, Inc. office tomorrow. My faithful assistants, Kim and Jill, will take them from there to get out the contracts this week.

Files to office

Files Ready to Go to Office

So today is my day to invite you in for a visit. I’ve baked heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorated our home with multiple Valentine vignettes just for you. Want to come in?



This morning, after going to my much loved and needed yoga class, I came home and started right in to make cookies for our visit. I turned on the Love Channel on our XM Satellite Radio, lit a vetiver and shaved vanilla soy candle, and got out all the ingredients.

gather all ingredients

All Ingredients Ready

The recipe I use is one I have had since early marriage and have given to many friends. There are a few things I do differently than most sugar cookie recipes. I’ll tell you about those as I make the cookies along with the recipe.

Grammy’s Sugar Cookies

Ingredients: 1 cup margarine or butter, 2 cups sugar, 2 whole eggs, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 4 cups flour, 1 tablespoon vanilla

Cream together margarine or butter and sugar.

Blend in eggs.

Sift together the salt, baking powder, and flour.  Then, gradually add to the mixture.

Add vanilla to mixture and beat until smooth.

dough in mixer

Mix Dough Until Smooth

Do not refrigerate dough. Divide into 3 parts. Roll one part at a time. Put left-over dough from each rolling all together for fourth and last part.

Flour pastry cloth and sock by rolling pin on floured cloth. Take one part of dough and turn over a few times on cloth to coat with flour.

Dough part

Turn Dough on Floured Cloth

Roll out 1/8″ thick on pastry cloth. Each time, you take another part of dough to roll out, you need to flour the pastry cloth again.

At Christmas, a friend of mine wanted to make my sugar cookie recipe, but she was stumped when I told her to use a pastry cloth and a sock on the rolling pin. She searched the internet and found these items.

I’ve had mine since I was married many years ago. I’d since worn out the sock, but used the top of one of my husband’s tube socks…washed of course. Now I have a new pastry sock thanks to Willie. She bought a set for me when she got hers. I use the pastry sock, but still using the old pastry cloth as it hasn’t worn out yet. I also roll out pie dough using the pastry sock and cloth. Wash and dry these by machine after each use before putting away.

When dough is rolled out, cut with cookie cutters. If the dough does not come up with the cutter, use a spatula to lift it off the pastry cloth.


Use spatula to Remove from Pastry Cloth

Place on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with sugar.

sprinkle cookies with sugar

Sprinkle Cookies with Sugar

I have a large assortment of heart-shaped cookie cutters and can’t begin to use them all each time I make Valentine cookies. I have a friend who loves these cookies and likes nothing better than to receive them at Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Recently her sugar intake has been cut back drastically, so she loves the little cookies that are just bite size. Then, she’s able to still have bits of sugar cookies. So all sizes come in handy.

cookie cutter assortment

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutters

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I find I have better luck if I bake only one cookie sheet in the oven at a time. Cool single layer on waxed paper. I bake different sizes on a single cookie sheet because some friends and family like their cookies cooked crispy while others prefer theirs barely brown. This way everyone is happy and that’s a good thing.

bake and cool on waxed paper

Crispy or Barely Browned

Cookies are finished, and tea is ready. Would you come for tea now?

cookies ready for tea

Please come for tea.

Now would you like to see the Valentine vignettes I did for you? As the quote goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Valentines at window

At My Kitchen Window

round of hearts

Hearts with Covered Basket

table runner

Table Runner on Coffee Table

Friendship Heart quilt

Friendship Heart Quilt

vignette on entrance table

Table in Entrance

vignette 4

Valentine Collage


Handmade Valentine

Vignette 3

Vintage Valentine Hankies

Vignette 2

Things for Little Hands to Touch

vignette one

Vignette with Granddaughter Pictures

hanging heart sample on chair in entrance

Hanging hearts can also be pillows on chairs

Happy February and Valentine’s Day from my home to yours with love,


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