Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 16 Peach Cobbler

Hello everyone,

Just want to get your Saturday recipe sent before I’m off to Disneyland today. Yes, Disneyland in California. We are visiting our son, Troy, and his family here for a long weekend. I got to hold Thompson, and play with him most of the day yesterday. He’s still a sweet, happy baby at almost 6 months old. Troy and Michelle are also very sweet, happy parents.


Loving Thompson Murrah


Peach Cobbler

This was one of the first recipes our granddaughter, Madison, could make by herself. She won our home rendition of Iron Chef contest with this recipe. I was the other contestant and Granddaddy was the judge. You can’t get much easier than this recipe and it’s yummy, yummy, yummy.


¼ lb butter (1/2 cup)

1 cup flour

1 cup sugar

1 tablespoon Baking powder

¾ cup whole milk

1 qt. pealed peaches or canned peaches drained


Ingredients for Peach Cobbler


Melt butter in 1 ½ qt. baking dish. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and milk. Pour over butter, but do not mix.

Pour fruit over the mixture, but do not stir. Bake 1 hour in 350 degree oven.


Ready to Bake

Serve warm with ice cream. Scrumptious.


Peach Cobbler Ready to Serve

So that’s it. So easy.

My day is starting off easy. Here’s our view from our room at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach.


Room with a View

It’s going to be a beautiful day. Make this cobbler and make everyone and yourself happy. Hope you have a beautiful day. Love you, Judy




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8 Responses to “Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 16 Peach Cobbler”

  1. BettyLou Says:

    Thank you Judy for the recipe, will give it a try tonight. My husband also battles MDS, diagnosed 6 years ago.


    • judymurrah Says:

      BettyLou, did you and your husband enjoy the Peach Cobbler? I hope he is doing well with his MDS journey. Has he been on chemo for 6 years. The chemo really makes my muscles weak and painful. The chemo is working according to my oncologist. He says I’ll stay on it as long as it works. I can’t imagine. Thank you for checking-in. I hope to hear from you again.


  2. Mary Nyberg Says:

    Wishing you all a wonderful loving weekend. Judy, you look beautiful! And Thom is so very sweet–no wonder you need to see them often–don’t want to miss a minute–I’m so glad to see your picture updates–don’t stop blogging.

    Happy Thanksgiving To Your Family.

    Hugs, Mary


    • judymurrah Says:

      Hello, Mary Jane. We’ve had a busy two days. Today we spent a good part of the day at the Aquarium. Lots of walking both days. T is a good sport. He’s happy and content no matter where we take him or what the situation. Hope all is going well with you. Love, Judy


  3. Vicki thomas Says:

    Oh I miss that view! Have a wonderful weekend with Thompson and his parents! He’s so


    • judymurrah Says:

      Yes, Vicki, I love this area of Long Beach. Brings back so many good memories of the shows we did here for six years. Would love for us to bring Festival back here again. See you soon.


  4. bbquiltmaker Says:

    I’ve had that view several times. Love it! Enjoy a great visit with T and family.


    • judymurrah Says:

      Thanks, Barbara. We had great breakfast buffet here at the Hyatt this morning. Late afternoon we ate at the Yard House. It’s quite warm here for November, but lovely sunshine and water. Happy Thanksgiving.


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