Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 14 Mandarine Berry Salad

Today is my last day at International Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. There have been lots of events, people to see, classes to attend and places to go.


Market Education Staff on Show Floor

I missed posting Page 14 of your recipe book last Saturday. I was busy at Market all day and then we went to a lovely dinner honoring Mark Dunn and his 40 year anniversary with Moda, a very popular fabric company.


Mark Dunn of Moda

We were honored to sit at one of the head tables for dinner and during Mark’s appreciation presentation.


Karey Bresenhan, Teresa Duggan, Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, and me

It was our pleasure to congratulate Mark Dunn on a company loved by all quilters. The philosophy of Howard Marcus Dunn, the founder and owner of United Notions and Moda Fabrics is “Find your passion and enjoy what you do.”


Congratulations to Mark

Being able to be with family and friends and share a meal is a passion of mine. It takes a little planning and it’s rare when we can get all 14 of our family together.


Murrah Family Reunion

Page 14 recipe came from another pot luck Christmas party at our house in Victoria, Texas. Jill Friedel brought it and I immediately got the recipe. I use it often to take to pot luck dinners. It’s easy to double so it can be served to a larger group. However, keep in mind, it is not a quick recipe.

Mandarin Berry Salad


6 cups torn mixed salad greens

1 cup fresh strawberries hulled and quartered

½ cup diced green onions

½ cup canned rice noodles

¼ cup chopped pecans

1 eleven oz. can mandarin orange sections, drained


¼ cup flaked coconut

2 tsp. honey

2 tsp. salad oil

2 tsp. balsamic vinegar

½ tsp. ground ginger

½ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. pepper


2 oz. semi-soft goat cheese, crumbled


In a food processor bowl or blender container combine ½ cup of the oranges, coconut, honey, oil, vinegar, ginger, salt and pepper. Cover; process or blend until combined.

In a large bowl combine greens, strawberries, onions, noodles, remaining oranges, cheese, and pecans. Pour dressing over salad; toss to coat. Serves 4-6 people. Enjoy!

It's time to create at home

Collage Greeting Card

It’s time to go home and create in my studio again. Hope you have a great day. Love and blessings to you all, Judy


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2 Responses to “Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 14 Mandarine Berry Salad”

  1. Mary Nyberg Says:

    I cannot say enough about how amazing you are to handle being at Festival, but not only being there but working there. You are part of what makes Festival the best in the world. Yes, time to rest and be with family and especially spend time in your studio–one of our favorite rooms in our home. Hugs, dear cousin.


    • judymurrah Says:

      Hi Mary Jane,
      I think of you so often. I hope you and Chuck are doing well. While at the shows I had lots and lots of help. My job isn’t nearly what it used to be. All those years of training a team has paid-off. Love you, Judy


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