Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 9 Hershey Bar Pie

Surprise! Here I am visiting you on Saturday with the next page in my recipe book. For a change I’m not several days late. Yippee!

Today we’ve been to the A & M game in College Station and home again. The Aggies won, but the highlight for me was getting to see Madison, our oldest granddaughter. She and a couple of her friends met us for a little while in the Lettermen’s Club at Kyle Field. It was a hot, sunny morning so Tommy and I chose to watch the second quarter inside. After seeing the half-time and Madison, we headed home again.


Madison & I in the Lettermen’s Club

When Tommy suggested we leave the game early, I was happy to go. We gave our tickets to Madison and her friends so they could watch the game in seats better than the Freshmen receive. She said they were “Awesome.”

If you haven’t surmised by now, my family is so important to me. My daddy died of a heart attack when he was only 51 years old. I was 20. When I was 49 years old I started having heart problems. When I was 50 years old I had a single by-pass. My cardiologist said I was healthy otherwise, but I chose the wrong parent.

I wish I could have had more time to know my father. We don’t really know adults when we are children. It takes a little experience being an adult to understand our parents, I think. When Troy was here recently, he went through any Olafson family pictures I have and others my sister had. Troy’s middle name is Olaf, and he has named his company Olafson Creative. Suzanne and I think he looks like our Daddy.


Suzanne, Daddy, & Me

When we were children, our daddy loved to make us happy with small surprises. He was the one in charge of choosing the best and sweetest watermelon. He chose our Christmas tree and let it stand in sugar-water in the garage until the limbs were just right. He would bring a very large Hershey bar home from the grocery store and he, mom, and all 5 of us children would gather around. He would break the Hershey bar into segments and give each of us equal amounts as he grinned from ear to ear passing out chocolate to his giddy children.

When I received this recipe for “Hershey Bar Pie” from Susan Manning, I thought of Daddy and the big Hershey bar we shared. Holly loves this Hershey Bar Pie. When she was in elementary school and junior high school she loved to go to Susan’s small luncheon place in Victoria so she could have this pie. Many years after the restaurant closed, I got the recipe from Susan to make it for Holly’s 34th birthday. (Last week Holly turned 43 years old.) Lindsey helped me make the pie for a surprise for Mommy. I’m not sure why Lindsey made such faces when she unwrapped the big candy bar. The Hershey bars are not as large as they used to be. Imagine.


Lindsey Helping to Make Mommy’s Pie 9 Years Ago

Hershey Bar Pie


1 prepared and cooled pie crust (I make my own pie crust which I’ll share with you another day.)

2 Hershey’s 4 oz. bars with Almonds (You can use milk or dark chocolate.)

1 sixteen oz. container of Cool Whip

3/4 cup toasted sliced almonds




Melt the Hershey Bars in a double boiler on the stove until stirable. Reserve 1/2 cup of Cool Whip and 1/4 cup of almonds.

Stir the remainder of almonds and Cool Whip with melted chocolate.

Mix well. Pour into pie crust.

Top with 1/2 cup of Cool Whip and the remaining almonds.

Chill really well and then serve.


Hershey Bar Pie

Tommy is on his way home from picking-up salads at Chili’s for dinner. The pie should be plenty cool by the time we finish our dinner. I’ll be sure to clean my plate so I can have dessert. Did you know desserts spelled backwards is stressed? So if you are stressed, make this pie, eat a piece and all your stress will go away. Try it. You just have to believe. Take care, sweet friends, until we meet again. Judy


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8 Responses to “Saturday’s Simple Recipe Page 9 Hershey Bar Pie”

  1. juliemurrah Says:

    Oh I love this post! Such a sweet picture of you and Madison! I love the picture of you wth your Daddy and Suzanne. I’ve never seen that one before! And that is absolutely one of my favorite pictures of Lindsey and her sweet little crazy baby hair :). I vote for that pie for Christmas!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Luther Says:

    Judy, I love your recipes and am going to make this pie when I get some candy

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

  3. D'Anne Parker Craft Says:

    Oh, my goodness, Judy! The chocolate pie sounds heavenly! I will definitely make it.

    I loved your family story and photo. What a beautiful granddaughter you have!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tamara Says:

    I have never seen that picture – I think Suzanne could totally be Holly in that picture!

    Liked by 1 person

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