Busy Summer

Goodness, it’s been a long time since I have visited with you here on my blog. I have thought about you many, many times.  I even started a blog or two and  created many things to share with you.

Friend collage greeting card

Friend collage greeting card

But, the summer has been chock-full of travel, deadlines, work at the office, meetings, sewing, visitors, etc. You know, since your lives are busy, too. Hopefully writing this post will get me back on the track to completion again.

It’s the beginning of September, and I’m working on some new beginnings and some “start overs.”  On September 1, I started back to my Dahn Yoga class after being away for almost two months. What a gift to give oneself. It’s there waiting. You just have to open it. This afternoon I had a healing session with Master Joy and then attended an invigorating evening class. I truly believe yoga feeds my body, mind, and spirit. Why would I allow myself to leave that off my list of things to do? I’m back again now and so happy to be there.

Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes

The last I wrote to you we had just returned from our delightful anniversary trip to Mackinac Island. Shortly after that trip my husband and I joined our oldest son and his family for a week in Cooperstown, New York, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. They had rented a lake house elevated above a dock on Lake Otsego. We enjoyed more cool weather as the heat was continuing to climb in Houston, Texas.

Son Todd and wife Julie on Lake Oswego

Son Todd and wife Julie on Lake Otsego

It was a great get-away and so much fun to watch our 12-year old grandson play in a 5-day baseball tournament at Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Grandson Tyler before game at Dreams Park

Our son is the coach of this select team so it was fun to watch him in action also. Being with his super-mom wife and our 15-year old precious granddaughter made this family vacation the best it could be.

Todd and our granddaughter Madison after baseball cap shopping

Todd and our granddaughter Madison after baseball cap shopping

The latter part of July, I was off to Long Beach, California for Summer International Quilt Festival. Aww…more cool weather and so many wonderful places to eat just outside the convention center. The pre-show tour was a hit with my favorite being Karri Meng’s French General store. It is loaded with vintage and new French textiles, notions, fabrics, trinkets, kits for making jewelry, etc. I would love to return again. I also took a charm bracelet class from Karri at Festival.

French General Shop

French General Store

The show went off without a hitch, and it was great to see our quilt friends from that area. Classes, Special Exhibits and exhibitors were filled with energy and new sights. Our youngest son is a musician and artist who lives in LA, so he is always an added attraction for me. Several of the Quilts, Inc. staff went to the venue where he played on Saturday night even with a full-day of work scheduled the next day. Troy’s band, Restavrant brought everyone to their feet, including me, when he played.

Before Troy's gig

Before Troy’s gig

Each of our 5 grandchildren spent some vacation time at Grammy and Granddaddy’s house. Some came together,  and others spent special nights, one at a time. My studio is always a popular spot for sewing and crafting.

Madison and Tyler creating in my studio

Madison and Tyler creating in my studio

Sydney painting

Sydney painting

The big excitement for these visits was our new kittens. We adopted them in early August when our older grandchildren were visiting.

Our new kittens are delivered

We adopted two kittens from Katie.

We originally named them Tiger and Sugar, but Sugar has been renamed by our younger grandchildren as Snowball which I shortened to Snow and then later by my sister to Snowy.

Lindsey with Tiger

Lindsey with Tiger

Sydney and Ashton with Tiger

Sydney and Ashton with Tiger

Having these two little guys is somewhat like having a toddler again for me. They love to be with me wherever I am. It’s not good enough to be “with me”, but they want to be on the keys at my computer, or grabbing whatever I am working on at the sewing machine, or playing catch with each other up and down from my lap as I sit in my chair with sewing.

Kitties on work table

Kitties on my work table

Snow is learning when not to use his claws, but Tiger has yet to learn grabbing onto my clothes often goes into flesh. As soon as I yelp, he’s off and running. I don’t remember having this happen with our other kittens. Have I just forgotten? Whenever they decide to nap, I sneak off to another area to get something done as I am doing now. What funny little guys.

Brothers always together

Brothers always together

Among these summer activities have been anniversary and birthday parties, baby and wedding showers with births of babies and weddings.

Sydney and our daughter, Holly

Sydney’s birthday with Holly

My husband's birthday

My husband’s birthday

Our sons have each spent a few days with us here, and we have traveled to Austin, San Antonio, and Kerrville, Texas. My sister came for a few days for our annual sewing marathon to kick-start her preparation for Houston Quilt Festival. Her shop, Apples of Gold,  has been an exhibitor at our show for 30+ years. Her focus is vintage quilts.

My sister Suzanne and me

My Sister Suzanne and me

While she was here, I spent three days getting all the vintage blocks I have collected over the years sorted, ironed, packaged and ready for her booth at Quilt Festival in November. Now I am knee – deep in sewing pumpkins from chenille bedspreads for the Texas Quilt Museum.

Vintage quilt blocks

Vintage quilt blocks

So that just about brings me up to today. Hope you’ve had a great summer and are looking forward to lots of great things this fall. From here on out, my focus will be on the International Quilt Festival/Houston, but I vow to keep better in-touch with you. Meanwhile, I hope to hear from you. Keep stitching, Judy

Snow at my finger tips

Snow at my finger tips


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11 Responses to “Busy Summer”

  1. Barbara Black Says:

    Judy, Love those kitties–gets me thinking it might be time for new babies here. Loved seeing the grand babies too!


  2. Bridget Says:

    I love reading your blog.. so fun to see the kitties and your grandchildren.. Fun times. My two sons have gotten married this summer 3 mths from ea. other. the last one is next weekend, I have been finishing up their wedding quilt. It has been a busy summer, with favors, dog tuxedo, just married sign, 3 flower girl dresses, ringbearer pillows, two quilts, and two bridal wedding purses..l. swwishhhh.. is it fall already? well, all most.. thanks for your inspiration.


  3. Sarah Says:

    You and your husband have a BEAUTIFUL family. It’s those genes! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Tammy:-) Says:

    I love seeing the cousins!


  5. Suzanne Cude Says:

    It was such fun to see all the family. Really enjoyed our sewing marathon this year – especially since I had 2 kittens to train. Ha!Ha!


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