And the Winner Is!

Sound the trumpets, ring the bells, shout from the rooftops. The winner is Nicki Lee Seavey! Congratulations Nicki. Your piece is breathtaking.


Vintage Lace Wallhanging by Nicki Lee

Don’t you all agree? Nicki’s wall hanging measures 8″ X 11″ with another 4″ of lace on the bottom. She created it on double-sided peltex. I have used peltex for the foundation for making mailable postcards, but not for anything else. This is worth a try after seeing Nicki’s good results.


Nicki’s Vintage Lace Challenge

She said she first laid down a piece of silk taffeta embroidered fabric and next to it some beige dupioni silk which she ironed to the peltex. On top of that she sewed on the little girl image printed on silk. The tulle with a design and the pretty scalloped trim came next. These were two of the vintage laces she received from me along with the lace motif cut to fit the corners and a piece of lace she used to make a couple of yo yos.


Close-up of Girl on Silk

Nicki topped off her design with clusters of beads, polymer clay flowers, leaf trim, and hand dyed butterfly. You can see many of Nicki’s other creations by visiting her blog and etsy shop. I know she would be delighted to have you stop by.


Bead Work and Embellishments

Nicki, your little sewing drawer will go in the mail on Monday. Can’t wait to see how you use the vintage laces that fill the drawer. Thank you so much for joining my first on-line challenge and treating us to your absolutely gorgeous design.

Sewing Drawer

Laces in Sewing Drawer

Barbara Black is a talented, award-winning quilt maker who also finished a piece for the challenge. Her son married recently and she made her first attempt at a vintage lace piece to commemorate the wedding. I love the sentiment and the memory she made for the event. The ribbons are from the wedding program, the pearl buttons are from her antique button collection, and the majority of the top is covered with the laces she received in her challenge packet.


Presenting the Bride and Groom

The back is a page from the wedding program, explaining the significance of the peacock theme. Visit Barbara’s blog to see the plethora of magnificent quilts she has made over the years. Thanks, Barbara for sharing your “art” with us.


The Meaning of the Peacock

This pillow Debra Bentley made with her grandmother Lelia Mary Prentiss Good’s photo is delightful. I would love to see other things Debra has made.



With the exception of the lace for the ruffle her design was made using the vintage laces she received in her packet. I like the dark fabric behind the lace so you can really see the details of lace design.  This is a good tip to remember.


Pillow made by Debra Bentley

The words Debra included, “She has the wisdom of her ancestors,” were printed below her grandmother’s photo in her high school yearbook. Isn’t that charming?


From Her Yearbook

Wilma Hart also used a family photo in her challenge piece she made for her sister’s birthday gift. The photo is of their mother along with many other keepsakes. Willie stitched her laces and embellishments on layered fabric and then attached it to a 14″ X 18″ stretched canvas. Don’t you know her sister will treasure receiving this gift “from the heart?”


Memories of Mother for My Sister

Willie tries each of the crafts I show you on my blog. She spurs me on to do the next thing because she’s waiting to give it a try. It’s great having her as a fan as I’m a fan of her in-depth photography. Ask to be her friend on Facebook, and you’ll get to see many of her artful images. I love them all.

Congratulations to all of you, my friends. Even though the deadline has come and gone for the Vintage Lace Challenge, please continue to send photos of your challenge when you complete it. I’ve heard from several of you and really would love to post your finished lace pieces, too.

Remember to send me pictures of your drawstring bags made from “false starts and rejects” as instructed in my last blog. They really are so easy to make. Give it a try and I’ll post your results here.

Please write me and tell me what you like or what you want to see or hear about. I’d love to hear what you collect. Talk to you again very soon.

Love and stitches, Judy


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6 Responses to “And the Winner Is!”

  1. Barbara Black Says:

    Nicki’s piece is fabulous! Great job!


  2. Nicki Lee Seavey Says:

    Thank you! What a nice surprise to wake up to. I really enjoyed this Challenge as it took me out of my element by using vintage tone on tone colors. I’m so excited to have won some of your beautiful laces!


  3. judymurrah Says:

    And doesn’t yours look stunning, too. So glad you participated in my on-line challenge.


  4. Debra Says:

    I just saw your post. I love the piece Nicki made. Thanks for the challenge, I enjoyed it.


    • judymurrah Says:

      I love your pillow. I would love to see more of what you make with vintage lace. Would you send more pictures? Thanks for participating in the Vintage Lace Challenge.


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