Happy Easter

It’s the eve of Easter 2012 and my thoughts are of faith, family, and friends and all the memories they have brought me. I’m thinking of all of you, and hope that you have much to reflect on this Easter Sunday that makes you happy or gives you peace or hope.

He has risen.

He has risen. John 11:25-26

My husband and I will attend our Methodist Church Easter service and then scurry home to hide eggs before our daughter, her husband, and three children ages 9, 6, and 4 come for Easter egg hunt and dinner. We have planned many of our traditional dishes for family celebrations.

He will grill pork tenderloin after the egg festivities. We will also have green bean bundles which have become a favorite of everyone in the family, scalloped potatoes with cheese, a tradition from my mom of red jello with fruit cocktail and bananas, Sister Shubert rolls, and white cake with coconut grass icing topped with jelly bean eggs.

Easter Egg Cake

Easter Egg Cake with Coconut Grass and Jelly Bean Eggs

The dining room table is set with china my mom gave to me before her death in 2001. These were the dishes that were used every holiday when I was growing up and when I returned home again with my family for every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I feel so fortunate to have them to remember so many family get-togethers.

Table set with Mother's China

Table set with Mother's China

The center piece is a collection of laces, eggs collected over the years, an assortment of bunnies, and chickens. Many of these were gifts and others are reminders of other Easters when our other grandchildren, daughter-in-law and sons have been at the Easter table with us. It’s a great day when we all can be together for celebrations. Miles do keep us apart.

Center Piece Egg Nest

Center Piece Egg Nest

Each holiday my husband carries boxes of decorations down from the attic for me to sort and arrange each special piece. I’ve posted a few shots of those areas you may recognize when there were Valentine decorations in the same spot.

Here are a few of my tea pots where Valentine boxes were in February. The one on the far left is a Susan Branch design my daughter gave me along with many other pieces. The set in the middle is a child’s set purchased with my sister on one of her visits and the last one came from my husband one Easter with a flower arrangement. Notice they are on top of a special vintage linen piece.

Spring Tea Sets

Spring Tea Sets on Vintage embroidered Piece

Here’s a little glimpse of what’s in the window at our kitchen sink. It always has grandchildren pictures along with the season to gaze upon as we are busy in the kitchen.

Kitchen Window

Kitchen Window Enlightenment

And the island always has a little seasonal vignette.

Vignette of Easter Plates

Vignette of Easter Plates and Grandchildren

Along with getting ready for Easter I have been sewing for the Texas Quilt Museum Store.

Gift Store at the Texas Quilt Museum

Gift Store at the Texas Quilt Museum

The Museum manager keeps me busy with making all the things I show you on my blog or etsy shop. The latest things she has requested are pillows with vintage lace. Her special request is for Mother’s Day right now. This pillow measures 12″ X 16″.

Mother's Day Pillow

Mother's Day Pillow from Vintage Textiles

Here’s another one that measures 12″ X 16″. I like working with this size and shape.

Happy Mother's Day Patchwork and Vintage Lace Pillow

Happy Mother's Day Patchwork and Vintage Lace Pillow

And one more for a friend using a 14″ square pillow form.

True Friends Lace Collage Pillow

True Friends Lace Collage Pillow

How are those of you doing who have joined my Vintage Lace Challenge? I’ve sent out several envelopes of laces. If you haven’t requested a packet and still want to join, it’s not too late. Read my blog before this one that gives details. You could win this little sewing drawer of vintage laces.

Sewing Drawer

Laces in Sewing Drawer

I will send out the last of the packets when I return from the International Quilt Festival/Cincinnati. Will any of you be going next week? If yes, please look for me in the Education Office located in classrooms 260/261 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. If I’m not there, they will know where to find me. I would love to see you or meet you for the first time.

Until then have a wonderful Easter and may all your new beginnings be the best you could imagine. Hugs, Judy


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6 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Tom Russell Says:

    Happy Easter! I hope you have a glorious day overflows with love.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and blessed life with us.



  2. judymurrah Says:

    Happy Easter to you, Tom. Isn’t it a beautiful day. I bet your garden is glowing. Have a great day. Judy


  3. Sarah Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Judy. Your Easter photos and thoughts are beautiful.


  4. judymurrah Says:

    Thank you, Sarah. We had a great day. Hope you did, too.


  5. starlin Says:

    Judy, your photos and blog were like visiting a beautiful home magazine. Wonderful!


    • judymurrah Says:

      Thank you, Linda. What a nice compliment. I do love getting out special things and arranging them during different holidays. Thank you for appreciating the photos. Hope you visit often.


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