Play Date #4 Bunnies

It’s almost Easter Time and Spring has sprung in Houston, Texas. I want to show you what I’ve been making to bring in the season!

Here they are… funny bunnies and I can’t stop making them. They are multipying like real bunnies. They are made from hand- dyed vintage candlewick and chenille bedspreads and embroidered dresser scarves.

dyed bunnies

Five Friends Who Went Through a Dye Bath

I made a few from a child’s vintage chenille bedspread with its pink and blue chenille, but no dye for this pretty white bunny. She turned out so crisp and clean that I tried a bunny out of a vintage embroidered dresser scarf. Oh, she’s a cutie, too. Hmm…how about using springtime 1940’s fabric patched together for another bunny? Oh, yes. I like that one, too.

chenille bunny, patchwork bunny and embroidered bunny

Embroidered Bunny, Patchwork Bunny and Chenille Bunny

Then it was back to dyeing  vintage embroidered dresser scarves in even more spring time Easter egg colors. Don’t you love the embroidery on his tummy?

dyed bunny

Dyed Embroidered bunny

Before I dyed the vintage bedspread, I cut it into 13″ wide strips the width of the bedspread.  The bunny body pattern is slightly over 12″ tall, and the ears are shorter. By making smaller pieces of the bedspread, I could dye them several different colors. I used dyes made for home use following the instructions on the package for dyeing in a pot. I used very hot tap water, and dyed in a large pot not used for cooking.  My wooden spoon and a measuring cup reserved for dyeing purposes only helped.   I wore rubber gloves and old clothes. I did not wash the fabric after it was dyed, because these bunnies will not be washed  again.

Household dyes

Getting Ready to Dye Chenille

The bunny pattern consists of three pieces…a body, ear, and face.

three pattern pieces

Three Pattern Pieces

I cut the body and ears double from vintage bedspread and also the ears double from a cotton fabric plus iron-on backing for extra crispness. The brand I used is by Pellon and called Decor Bond. I also cut a 3″ square of muslin and a 3″ square of paper- backed fusible web.

Cut and Ready to Start

Pieces Cut and Ready

Then I gathered together matching sewing thread,  pink and brown embroidery floss, size 8 ecru pearl cotton, two round black beads for eyes, two long pearl beads for teeth, narrow ribbon and gathered lace for neck, 2″ pom pom for tail, craft flower for between the ears, red colored pencil for cheeks, extra strength carpet thread, and stuffing. Once all of this was out, can you blame me for making more than one bunny?

supplies gathered

Supplies Gathered

So I proceded with these instructions

1. Using pattern draw circle on muslin square. Trace bunny face in circle. Iron wrong side to paper backed fusible web.


Draw Face on Muslin

2. Cut on circle line. Remove paper. Iron to head of bunny centering about 1″ from top of head. I made the face lower in some of the bunnies to give them different personalities. Machine applique face in place using matching thread. Blush cheeks with colored pencil. Sew bead eyes in place. Use 2 strands brown floss for eyelashes, and make each eyelash a single straight stitch. Use 2 strands of pink floss and an outline stitch for mouth, and satin stitch the nose. Sew teeth (long pearl beads) in place. Use single strand pearl cotton to make the whiskers in a long stitch for each whisker. Don’t worry if you don’t follow the whisker lines exactly.

face embroidered

Face Embroidered

3. Fuse backing to wrong side of each bunny ear lining following manufacturer’s instructions. Place bedspread ear and lining ear right sides together. Stitch all around leaving the bottom of ear open for turning. Make a few clips into seam. Turn right side out. I used a doll turning tool to get turning started. Press ears flat from the lining side first and then the other side. Fold ears in half with bedspread side together. Pin in center of bunny head with ear folds away from center. Pin ear tips to body to keep them out of the way when you stitch the body front to back. Stitch ears across top of head.


Pin Ears to Top of Head

4. Pin and sew bodies right sides together with a 1/4″ seam. Leave bottom open for stuffing.  Pull tip of ear pins out so you can pull on ears to turn body right side out. Use fiberfill to stuff the bunny firmly. Make sure feet are packed tightly with stuffing. Stitch bottom closed.


Stuff through Bottom Opening

5. Starting from bunny back use heavy duty thread doubled to sew a running stitch around the neck. Pull up tightly and knot thread securely

gather neck

Running Stitch to Gather for Neck


6. Add gathered lace around the neck and tack beginning and ending of lace at back. Tie ribbon on top of lace and finish with a bow. Glue a flower between the bunny ears.


In My Easter Finery

7. Glue a pom pom in place on the bunny’s backside.

cotton tail

See My Cotton Tail?

8. Now Miss Pinky is complete and she has joined her friends. Aren’t they all so happy together? I wonder if they hop out of that basket at night and run around and play.


Miss Pinky and Friends

After this little family of bunnies came together I knew I wanted you to see them.  But, I couldn’t show them to you without giving you a way to make them for yourself. So if you like these little guys, I have listed them in my etsy shop. You can order a pattern with instructions or a kit or an actual bunny finished. They will be so adorable in an Easter basket, as a hostess gift, sitting in a chair to welcome guests, as part of the Sunday Easter dinner center piece, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I just had to show you these whimsical bunnies and wish you a super spring and Happy Easter.

Until next time…Hugs, Judy


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8 Responses to “Play Date #4 Bunnies”

  1. Tom Russell Says:

    OMG!!! These are adorable. They are fabulously clever, yet simple to make and most of all, fun to look at. You are a constant source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Easter idea!

    Oh, one more thing. Your new photo looks great!


    • judymurrah Says:

      Hi Tom, It’s good to hear from you. I think of you so often because you’re the reason I am doing this blog. I like your new blog look. I know you have more tricks I need to learn. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Wilma Hart Says:

    You are a rock star. I am so proud of you and your blog. It is totally amazing. Thanks for doing it. Willie


  3. Brenda Wall Says:

    I love your bunnies. You see you have to be careful they do multiply.
    Happy Easter!!!


  4. judymurrah Says:

    You are right, Brenda. They do multiply. I really wonder if they are up and hopping around when I turn out the lights. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter to you, too.


  5. Vicki Says:

    These are soooooooo cute!!!! Where’s my chenille bedspread?? Guess I’ll have to track it down so I can cut it up,


    • judymurrah Says:

      You must find it. When you get ready to dye it take off the fringe first, if it has any. The fringe can be dyed green to use on the chenille pumpkins I make in the fall. Hope you find your bedspread.


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