Art Party

What is a craft person like me doing among “real” artists?

For several months, I have known that my nephew Jimmy D. McDonald, a “real” artist, and his wife, also an artist, were having a fourth Art Party and Sale.

Jimmy D. McDonald

Nephew in studio

My husband and I have helped them at each of the previous parties by keeping the buffet table replenished. Kindly, my nephew has asked me to bring some of my work to sell. I have taken wearables, patchwork totes, Christmas stockings, mini quilt-covered journals, and mixed media collages.

Stockings for sale

Stockings for Sale

This time, I took  Valentines and Heart Pillows like the ones I have shown you how to make via posts on this blog.

For a month or so leading up to the Art Party on Saturday, February 4th, Jimmy D. had numerous posts on facebook telling about the upcoming show. This past week, he showed a few of the galleries hung with fabulous art of all types. The galleries converted what was once their home into a showcase for canvas pieces hung all over the walls. When I saw his posts, I questioned Jimmy D. as to what I was doing in such a show. Being a kind and supportive person,  he encouraged me to bring my Valentines.

Art work at party

Art Work at Party

I was doubtful, but decided they needed our help to keep the food coming.  So, I took the Valentine cards and Heart pillows plus a few other things. At one time, I thought I would take the 6″ square canvas pieces I was making like my Valentines, but not after I saw the amazing art shaping up in his galleries. What was I thinking? I am a crafter, not an artist.

Valentine Canvas Complet

Valentine Canvas Complete

My husband and I showed up at 12 noon to help my nephew, his wife and other folks put the finishing touches on a party that was to start at 2 PM. Jimmy Dee  saved a table for me in his studio, the first room when you walk into the house/galleries from the main entrance.

Nephew's studio

My Nephew's Studio

So I layed out the things I brought. I felt a little silly. I had priced the items double what I have priced them on my etsy site as I was instructed to do by my nephew and art coach. I felt foolish, and when a friend bought some of my work at these prices, I was a little embarrassed.

My display

My Little Display

A few of my Valentines and Heart Pillows sold at the Art Party. My husband and I worked the party until we left at 10:00 PM. We met some really talented people, visited with other family members and friends and just had a good time. When we got in the car to go home, my feet were aching, and I was so tired. I told my husband that we’d probably experienced the last time I’ll be foolish enough to think my craft mixes with art.

Jimmy's ARt work

My Nephew's Art Work

The next day, I took Valentines to show a couple of friends in our Sunday school class. I lowered the price back to what I felt was reasonable and sold several cards. I sold cards again today to people in our office at the same prices as I have them listed on etsy.

Valentines for sale

Valentines for Sale

It just does my heart good to know that there are some people who know me and like what I make enough to want to buy it and give it to family and friends or keep it for themselves. That’s enough to get me back in my studio again.

I just wish I could do something with all the canvases and paint I keep buying. Maybe I’ll take some art classes. I think I want to paint, but how long will it take me to become proficient enough to have something I’d be proud  to show? I painted in college and even have a minor in art, but that was a long time ago.  Maybe I just need to go back to making wearables.

Jacket Jackpot book

Jacket Jackpot, my last published book

But, that’s enough of my ramblings about this past weekend. I hope good, productive things are happening in your studios, and you’re having fun, too!

I don’t know what’s next in my studio.  When I do, I’ll let you know.


Studio Clean & Ready for Next Project

Until then, hugs and stitches, Judy.


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6 Responses to “Art Party”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I’m not sure I agree with you regarding your a “crafter”, I look at your items and feel they are art, and very good art but in a different form. Your art can be put out on display right lnext to a painting. Congratuations!!


  2. judymurrah Says:

    Hi Jackie. The paintings at the party on Saturday were so varied with different ways to use paint and collage on canvas. I’d love to know how to do that. Wish I had the time to just hang-out and watch my nephew as he creates on a piece of canvas. Hope you are having fun creating something right now. Good to hear from you again.


  3. Barbara Black Says:

    Of course, you’re an artist–you create beauty with your work! And, my, that is a clean and tidy studio you have there! I can’t seem to keep mine in any order, there’s stuff everywhere. I love your valentines and the quilted pumpkins I got from you grace our table all fall.


  4. judymurrah Says:

    It’s true the tidy and clean studio is hard to keep. I have to admit a few boxes went into another upstairs room and closet to deal with later. I want to use all the product I have in some way, but that would be an impossibility in my lifetime. I can’t seem to part with any of it just now. Thanks, Barbara.


  5. You call me holla molla Says:

    Wish I could’ve gone – just too much going on. Looks like my kind of art.


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