Kids Can Create, Too

The new year began with taking care of our oldest grandchildren in McKinney, Texas while our son and his wife took a little trip.

Madison, now almost 15 years old, began creating when she was two years old. She was photographed with me in my book, In the Studio with Judy Murrah when she was 3 years old.  The photographer asked how we would get her to do something he could shoot for the book and I told him all we had to do was let her in the studio and she would begin to create. She loved my design wall and would “decorate” anything that was up there.

Madison in studio

Madison in my studio at three years old

She later advanced to cutting and pinning fabrics and trims on my mannequin to create quite amazing wearable art. She now excels in drama in high school and has won awards for her costume design. I have always had so much fun with her and her love of playful creations.

Tyler, her brother, has also enjoyed creating a few things sewing on my machine. I think the mechanics of it has been more of an attraction to him than the end result. Now at almost 12 years old he tells me how to operate anything that has to do with computers. They are both dear children and I am in awe of them.

Granddaddy, Tyler and Madison in McKinney, Texas

Granddaddy, Tyler, and Madison

This past week end my husband and I took care of our three younger grandchildren in our home. Our daughter was on an annual scrapbook retreat to create pages with all the supplies she has collected and photos she has taken of her children.

Lindsey, who soon will turn 9 years old, and sister Sydney, who is 6, could not wait to create Valentines in my studio during the time they spent with us. Ashton, their almost 4-year-old brother, would rather tackle and distract his sisters than work on a project so Granddaddy tried to convince him to swing outside or color in the playroom while we sewed.

Ashton wanting to play too

Ashton clowning with the girls

Remember that studio table that was all cleaned-off on New Year’s Day? Well look at it now in action with these busy little girls. They took to designing their cards like they have done any project we have done together. They love to create in their jammies at the end of the day as their Grammy does too. I bet you do the same. I’m so glad I have drapes to close at the end of the day and drapes to open to the sunlight in the morning.

Sydney and Lindsey creating their designs

Sydney and Lindsey creating from all the supplies

Sydney is still too small to sit at the machine and sew on her own so she sits on my knee and controls the material as I operate the pedal. We make a good team and she gets much satisfaction out of her creation. She begs to sew every time she comes to my house. She and Lindsey have their own scrap drawers in my studio and know exactly what’s in them.

Sydney glueing ribbon

Sydney glueing ribbon to her creation

Lindsey is big enough now to use the machine by herself with no problem. She remembers each step of putting down the presser foot, turning corners, back stitching, cutting the thread when she has finished her stitching, etc. She takes very little guidance and is quite patient at finishing a project.

Lindsey sewing

Lindsey sewing on the machine by herself

The little girls are quite proud of the Valentines they made. Sydney adorned earrings for this monumental photograph. I love their enthusiasm to sew. Aren’t I the lucky Grammy to have three granddaughters who want to spend time in my studio creating with me. I would love to hear about your experiences creating with kids. I know you have had some great times, too.

Lindsey and Sydney so proud to show their Valentines

Lindsey and Sydney so proud to show their Valentines


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23 Responses to “Kids Can Create, Too”

  1. Barbara Black Says:

    Sweet girls, lucky them, lucky Grammy!


  2. judymurrah Says:

    I agree, Barbara. Thanks.


  3. You call me holla molla Says:

    That’s exactly what I was going to say….lucky girls and lucky Grammy. We all appreciate you and the you share! Xoxoxxo.


  4. Tanya Boenig Says:

    Way to rock those earrings Sydney!


  5. judymurrah Says:

    Can you believe I wore those in a photograph in More Jazz? It’s on the back cover. That’s when we were into big costume jewelry. Sydney took a bag full of jewelry home with her and a huge grin on her face. The more embellishment the better is Sydney’s mantra. Wonder where she gets that trait?


  6. Tammy:-) Says:

    I love these pics! Callie can’t wait to get a machine for sewing like her Mimi. . . maybe we’ll start working on mine first:-)


  7. Lesley Riley Says:

    Your granddaughters are lucky indeed. I love that they each have their own drawer to forage in. Im going to start that with my granddaughters….now to just find a spare drawer or 2!


    • judymurrah Says:

      You know we started out with them having one drawer to share. Now they have three drawers and go to them every time they are in my studio. Sometimes some scraps go home with them, but Mommy sends them back. Sewing takes place at Grammy’s house. Scrapbooking takes place at their house. Thanks for all your help, Lesley. You are a great friend and mentor.


  8. Jackie Says:

    What great memories you are creating for all the grandchildren. I still remember sitting beside my Grandma as she sewing on her treadle machine. (I was lucky enough to be given her sewing machine and still have it).


  9. Vicki Thomas Says:

    Oh Judy, I have been so lucky to watch these babies grow! You are the best “Grammy” role model I’ve ever known! Can’t wait to have some of these little ones to inspire me!


  10. madison!! Says:

    hi precious grammy!! i love that cute little picture of me! i have the best memories from your wonderful studio and i love that you’re inspiring others to follow in your footsteps! i’m pretty sure that all my creative genes and skills came directly from you so muchas gracias! haha 🙂 well i love you and miss you and the sweet little crazies. wish i could’ve been there to make valentines with them, maybe another time. love you oodles and oodles! happy almost valentines day! ❤


    • judymurrah Says:

      What a treat to find this comment from my first grandbaby, my special girl. We all would have loved having you here creating Valentines with us. We can make that happen another time. I love you, Ladybug.


  11. Wilma Hart Says:

    Wow! They did a good job. Good teacher. Maybe if I get a machine that works I could do that well. Thanks again for yesterday. Willie


    • judymurrah Says:

      I know you can do a great job. Get your machine from the office and you’re all set. You’ll love making Valentines like you did the postcards. Kayley could cut and glue and you could sew. Have fun, Willie.


  12. Wilma Hart Says:

    O.K., today I have been making paper valentines since I don’t have my sewing machine yet. I think they are kind of different. You can tell me Tuesday what you think.


    • judymurrah Says:

      That’s great. I can’t wait to see them. I have made 15 Valentines in preparation for my nephew’s art party. Late today i will have up Play Date #2 blog post. Check back. See you on Tuesday. Hugs to you, Willie.


  13. Kim DeCoste Says:

    Judy, that was so fun to see your granddaughters making their Valentines. Thanks for sharing the process and the cute photos. I loved it when my 2 nieces were younger and wanted to make something with me every time I visited. (Right now, they are in the jobs and boys stage.) Thanks for sharing!


    • judymurrah Says:

      Glad you liked our Valentine making photos, Kim. I know you miss sharing your crafts with your nieces. Guess you’ll have to wait until they have grand nieces and nephews for you.


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