Play Date #1 Valentines

Do you remember making Valentines when you were a child? Didn’t you love pasting the doilies and red hearts to a piece of construction paper and then writing your heartfelt message in crayola? The real excitement came when someone special opened the card you made especially for them. Remember?

Assortment of Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let’s have that fun again making fabric and paper Valentines. All you need is cardstock, envelopes, glue stick, ribbon, fabric scraps, lace, photos and messages on paper or fabric, buttons, trinkets and your sewing machine. After you get the hang of creating cards you will want to make a personal Valentine for all those who are special to you.

Friend Valentine

Patchwork background for Friend Valentine

I have made Valentine cards as small as 3″ x 4″ and as large as 7″ x 9″. The samples here measure 5″ x 8″. First select envelopes and then cut cardstock 1/4″ smaller on top and one side so card will fit nicely in envelope when complete. You will need two pieces of identical size cardstock for each card you make.

Cover one side of one piece of cardstock with bits and pieces of fabric. Sometimes I cover the whole piece of cardstock with a fabric I have painted. No need to turn under edges. Glue stick fabric to cardstock. Stitch down all edges including the outside edges.

Cardstock blank and covered with fabric

Cardstock blank and covered with bits of fabric

Play with the assortment of materials you have gathered and place them on the stitched fabric. You can follow the lines of the patchwork to place ribbons, lace, and trims.

Add photos and other materials to make your composition. When you are pleased with the results remove the foreground pieces and glue the background materials to the fabric and stitch through cardstock. There may be larger elements you may want to fuse to the foundation fabric before stitching.

Attach ribbons, lace, and trims

Attach ribbons, lace, and trims.

Next stitch with a straight stitch or zig zag stitch or a combination of stitches to anchor the components in the foreground. I use the same color of thread throughout the entire card. Do not make stitches too close together or your needle and thread will cut through the paper.

Valentine example complete

Your Heart Valentine complete

Add trinkets, buttons, stickers, etc. for a finishing touch. I sometimes use a glue gun for adhering buttons and charms.

When your stitching is complete use a glue stick to attach a second piece of cardstock to the back of the Valentine. This will cover your random stitching on the back of the Valentine. Stitch around outside edges only. Trim any fabric or embellishments that extend from the cardstock. The backside is now a blank space to write a personal message.

Valentine with one piece of fabric background

Valentine with one piece of fabric for background.

After you have made several Valentines you will find you have favorites. Pay attention to what you liked about your favorites and repeat that in your next card. The small pieces set aside from one Valentine may be just what you want for the next one. I can hardly wait to finish one card before I start on an idea I have for another one. I plan to make lots of special Valentines for family, friends, my etsy shop and an Art Party on February 4th. How about you?

Sweetheart Valentine

Painted fabric with elements on top

Hope you have lots of fun and a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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16 Responses to “Play Date #1 Valentines”

  1. You call me holla molla Says:

    Oh how cute!!! Can’t wait to see my girlfriends tomorrow for my version of valentine creating! I love staying up late and laughing until my side hurts, and you get to come home with what I call party favors (aka finished scrapbook pages). Directions are great and so easy to follow and I love the pics. Whoo hooo !!! Congrats – you are almost to 1,000 hits. Yay mom!


  2. Angela Says:

    I love them!!


  3. Cheryl Clark Says:

    Hi Judy,
    Love the valentines cards! I have missed you and your classes since you moved to Houston. Thanks for doing this blog, I feel connected again!


  4. Marion Shelton Harlan Says:

    So fun Judy. What a nice way for creativity to kick in. Love it!


  5. Tanya Boenig Says:

    your enthusiasm inspires me.


  6. Sherry Eddy Says:

    This is awesome!!!


  7. Tom Russell Says:

    Happy Valentine Play Day! You’re over 1,000 hits and climbing . . . Yippeee!!!!


  8. J~jmquilts Says:

    I am so happyto read on TQS that you have a blog! I started making fabric cards after reading your book where you talked about making them in lieu of purchased cards. Then for a few years I made piles of fabric postcards to mail. Thanks! I’ll enjoy reading here. 🙂


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