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New Beginnings

December 31, 2011

It’s the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, 2011. I’m really not into New Year’s resolutions, but I am an avid believer in “new beginnings” and “second chances.” I love new calendars, new pads of paper, new boxes of crayolas, new journals, etc. You get it…things with fresh starts. So to start off this new year and to bring you what’s happening in my studio, I had to clean it up from the disaster scene left there by Christmas preparations.

Aftermath after Christmas

Messy Studio after Christmas preparations

Also for myself, I need  tables cleaned off, things put away and a fresh new place to start. I also needed to do this for you, my guests. So come on in to my sewing studio.

Studio after putting everything away

Studio ready for the New Year

For those of you who have my book, In the Studio with Judy Murrah, you will notice this space is not the same as what was in the book. Five years ago we moved back to Houston from Victoria, so I could be in the Quilts, Inc. office on a regular basis. Giving up my studio there, which we’d converted from an exhisting garage, wasn’t as hard as I expected.  Our new home provided me with several places upstairs in which to work and to store the mountains of craft items I have collected over a lifetime.

I will give you glimpses of my other upstairs spaces and places as we go along. I have collections of fabric, ribbons, laces (old and new), threads, beads, buttons, trinkets, paints, papers, vintage photos, old ephemera, antique linens and cutter quilts, etc. I LOVE them all and love to work with all these things. I call myself a crafter rather than a quilter or a wearable artist, because I use many different products to create now. How about you? Do you have a stash of stuff you can pull from as we start our journey together?

I have planned our first “playday” as a simple project easy enough for the beginner, but maybe something you have not tried. You will need some fabric scraps, trims, trinkets, stickers, people photos, cardstock, sweet sayings from the heart and a few other things plus your sewing machine. You have these things, right? I have them gathered at my sewing machine now.

assortment of materials

Glimpse of project to start in January

I can’t wait to start on them, so I can show you and teach you in our next visit early in January. Until then, have a very Happy New Year with love.


Hello World!

December 29, 2011
Judy Murrah published books

"Jacket Jazz" series

Hello. I’m Judy Murrah. Since I was a child, I’ve created with needle, thread, fabric, glue, paper and paint. After earning a BS degree in Education with a minor in Art, I first taught elementary school and then Art in middle school. It wasn’t long after I married that we started a family, so teaching gave way to being a full-time mother. But, shortly after our third child was born, I started to teach quilting in the Adult Education program at our church. This local teaching led to a 30-year career teaching quilting and related arts nationally and internationally. My successful “Jacket Jazz” book series was published via five different “wearables” books plus two other “how-to” quilt-related books.

My career as an International Quilt Show planner paralleled my teaching, writing and designing. Then, six years ago, duties as Vice President of Education and Administration for Quilts, Inc. took precedence over my teaching. I miss the contact with my students, but being on the team that creates three Quilt Festivals and two Quilt Markets each year takes much time and effort.

 My friend and Art Coach, Lesley Riley, prompted me start a blog. With some trepidation and encouragement and help from my new friend, Tom Russell, here I am taking the plunge to reach out to you. My goal is to build a creative community of students and contemporaries. 
One of my favorite sayings is “Everything old is new again.” I’m ready now to create new art, and I hope you will come along with me as I try new ideas plus teach old ones that may be new to you. We can see what’s in my studio and I will provide free projects to create while learning together and inspiring each other.  I’m hoping to connect with you while giving myself a chance to play while creating my platform and voice once again.  Come along.  Let’s see what we can do.

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