Play Date #7 Chenille Pumpkins

It’s been a while since we have had a Play Date.  So, while making chenille pumpkins for my etsy shop, I decided my dear crafty friends might like to know how to make them also. My husband questioned the earliness of working on fall decor when it’s 100 degrees outside in Houston, Texas, but he kindly cut the sticks for the pumpkin stems the same as he does each year. Thank you, husband.

Chenille Pumpkins

Chenille Pumpkins

Supplies You Need

  • Chenille or candlestick bedspread
  • Cotton fringe from bedspread
  • One package or bottle of Rit brand dye in Sunshine Orange or Tangerine and Green found at JoAnn’s, grocery store, or craft store
  • Artificial fall leaves and berries on garland or bush found at Dollar Stores or craft stores
  • Sticks from tree for stems each 3″-4″ long and varying diameters
  • Raffia
  • Button or Carpet thread or other strong, heavy thread
  • Polyester Stuffing
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Foam Core or cardboard box on which to draw templates

Instructions to Follow

1. Remove fringe from bedspread by cutting close to tape edge. Dye fringe in green dye and bedspread in orange dye following manufacturer’s directions.

2. Draw circle sizes listed below on foam core or heavy cardboard box. You want to be able to use a rotary cutter to cut bedspread around this template. Cut out templates.

Size 1          6 1/4″ diameter            9″ circumference

Size 2                9″ diameter           13″ circumference

Size 3              13″ diameter           18″ circumference

Size 4       16 1/2″ diameter            22″ circumference

Size 5       20 1/2″ diameter            30″ circumference

Circle Templates

Circle Templates

3. Place template on bedspread and use rotary cutter to cut around circle. You will be surprised how much bedspread it takes to make Size 4 and 5.

Rotary Cut Circle

Rotary Cut Circle

4. Use heavy thread double and knotted in a large eye needle to stitch around the outside edge of circle. There is no need to turn under the raw edge. Stitch close to the edge.

Gather Circle

Stitch Circle with Heavy Thread

5. Pull-up stitching as tight as possible to gather. Back stitch three times to secure.

Pull-up Gathers

Pull-up Gathers

6. Stuff pumpkin until full. The larger the pumpkin circle the larger the hole that remains. Don’t worry. It will be filled with a stick and covered with fringe.

Stuff Tightly

Stuff Tightly

7. Place stick in middle of stuffing, twisting to make a place for it. Take out stick and put hot glue in center of stuffing. Place stick back in center with a twisting motion until you feel it to the bottom. Glue fringe close to stem and going around the stem.

Insert Stick/Add Fringe

Insert Stick/Add Fringe

8. Glue leaves and berries on top of the fringe and into any space between stem and fringe.

Leaves, Berries, Raffia

Leaves, Berries, Raffia

9. Put a dab of hot glue on stem and close to pumpkin under leaves. Combine several pieces of raffia and wrap around stem starting at the dab of glue. Bring to front and tie a knot and bow with the raffia.

Add Raffia & Leaves

Add Raffia & Leaves

10. Separate and primp the raffia for finishing touch.

Happy Fall

Happy Fall

Make several more in all of the sizes to decorate your house or to give to friends. If I have a small piece of Chenille left  not large enough to cut the 9″ circumference size, I cut it just a little smaller so not to waste the scrap. Therefore, the pumpkin family below has a sixth little size.

Orange Pumpkin Family

Orange Pumpkin Family

You may prefer to make your pumpkins using the bedspread without dying it as I have done with the pumpkins below. Instead of using the dyed fringe from the bedspread I used commercially bought fringes and trims. Some of them have beads hanging from the trim. I think that’s fun. You can also use ribbon instead of raffia for a more fancy look. These white pumpkins also look really nice in a cottage chic setting. You can use them in the fall and enjoy them with your Christmas decorations also.

Neutral Pumpkin Family

White Pumpkin Family

Let me know if you make any pumpkins and send pictures. I’d love to see them. If you like the pumpkins and this looks like too much of a bother, you can purchase them in my etsy shop. I’ll continue to add fall items to my shop. So keep coming back.

Happy Fall preparations to everyone.

Love and stitches, Judy

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6 Responses to “Play Date #7 Chenille Pumpkins”

  1. Sylvia/LittleTreasures Says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely design Judy. Thoughts of fall have come and gone this week. What beautiful weather we are having here. These are adorable and doable, if time isn’t flying by. I love fall, and I am hoping the pumpkins my husband planted will continue to do well. I love to have them for the grandkids. Enjoy a fun week.

    • judymurrah Says:

      Hi Sylvia…wonder where you live that you have pumpkins planted. Glad you liked the blog on making pumpkins. Hope you give it a try. Look at my etsy shop for more and closer views to give you ideas and inspiration. Happy crafting to you.

  2. Betty Jo Elder Says:

    I just want you to know I love receiving your emails. You have so many creative ideas, not that I do them but it does inspire me to do more. Keep them coming. bje

    • judymurrah Says:

      Hi Betty Jo, Loved hearing from you this morning. Thanks for your feedback. You’ve always been one of my most enthusiastic students and I’ve always appreciated it. Hugs.

  3. Vicki Thomas Says:

    Okay, now I have no excuse for not making my own pumpkins!! But I treasure the ones I have that YOU made! You constantly inspire me!
    Thank you for the DIY!

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